Creating your Design Challenge Statement

Now that we’re aware of what makes a good design using what we’ve learned so far in this course, it’s time to put them into practice again!

Start with a topic or advocacy that you deeply care about. Once you have it, let’s identify its Design Challenge Statement.

A Design Challenge Statement is used to frame an identified problem into an opportunity. A good Design Challenge should:

  1. be broad enough to encourage creative thinking, but narrow enough to suit the needs and context of your users.
  2. should tell you what the solution does instead of what it is.

Write as many Design Challenges as you can. And from your list, choose only one (1) that you would like to create a visual design solution for.

Let’s try writing our Design Challenge Statement!

Feel free to share yours in our collaborative Padlet and see your co-learners design challenges as well. :)

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Creating your Design Challenge Statement – Habi Plus