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Hello and welcome to Understanding Privilege!
Watch the video below for a quick overview of the course:

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“Welcome to “Framing Sticky Problems”, our second microcourse in the Learning For Change series.”

“Framing Sticky Problems is about looking at a complex issue from different lenses and angles.”

“It’s about finding and grounding problems in human experience to find better solutions.”

“In this course, we share stories of changemakers around the world who found solutions to their sticky problems.”

“These stories will help us zoom in, zoom out, and shift lenses to find the symptoms and root causes of the problem we’ve identified.”

“We’ll turn data points into insights and by the end of the course, we’ll have framed our problem into a Design Challenge Statement that we can use as a springboard for thinking of solutions. ”

“Ready to begin? Let’s get started. Thank you for joining us!”

Course Objectives:

Our goal in this micro course is to help you understand privilege and how to wield it for the greater good. Through taking a closer look, a step back, a different perspective, or generating insights, you will be led to find better solutions.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Identify tools that will help you understand your problems better
  2. Look into your problems and assumptions from multiple perspectives
  3. Frame your sticky problem into a design challenge statement

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