What does it mean?

Let’s map out your customer’s entire experience through PPP, let’s dive right into it!

PPP stands for Props, Process, People, and begins from awareness to decision, pre-event to after-service. It stands for:

  • Props – physical and digital materials the customer interacts with like menu, posters, chairs, door
  • Process – the steps that the customer goes through
  • People – necessary staff and personas that supports the customer

I invite you to go back to your map and find all (or, add some) that fall under these three categories! Here’s mine.

PPP are the components of an inventory, which will serve as your guide in establishing your business that provides impactful and impressive service. With this inventory, you can start buying or creating props, designing processes, and search ideal candidates to form your group of staff based off of the skillsets you have listed down, or simply start studying them.

Although it may seem overwhelming to take all these factors into consideration, remember to slowly take it in, and cross off one item or agenda at a time off of your list. Learn to prioritize and work on what you can do one at a time!

What does it mean? – Habi Plus