My Community and Advocacies

5-10 minute activity

We’ve learned that digital media is a powerful tool to raise awareness but what do we want to raise awareness on?

In this part of the module, we’ll reflect on the communities we belong to and the advocacies we support.

All of us are part of a community – it can be our family, our school groups, our religious organizations, our interest circles, and more. As social beings, we are part of a community.

Using this worksheet, choose one community that is very important to you. Think about what you like about your community, what challenges you experience in your community and what are the things you want to change/improve in your community.

Here’s a sample:

* Keep in mind that when you’ve finished your worksheet, save it as a PDF or image file so you can upload it through the course exit survey for your certificate of completion.

Try to look at the last/fourth column of your worksheet. How do you want to support this change in your community?

In the next section, we’ll create a challenge library with our advocacies and resources that support these.

My Community and Advocacies – Habi Plus