The Power of Social Media

⏱ 20-30 minute module

Hi, Welcome to the last module of our course. In this module, you will learn about “The Power of Social Media” or how we can use technology and social media to create positive change and better opportunities for themselves, their communities and the world.

Did you know that 1 out 3 internet users are children and adolescents under 18 years old? [1]

Consider your own classes, how many of your students have used the internet whether it’s for social media, online gaming, or for school? 

With a high number of children now using the internet as “digital citizens”, it’s important that we are able to guide them on how to navigate the online space safely.

In this module we aim to:

  • Reflect on personal advocacies 
  • Understand the power of digital media for raising awareness; and 
  • Create an online library of resources that support different advocacies

Are you ready to begin our learning journey? Click on “Using Digital Media to Raise Awareness” to move to the next part of the module.

The Power of Social Media – Habi Plus