What is Privacy?

⏱ 3-5 minute video and read

All of us make decisions related to privacy every day. We do this both in online and face-to-face interactions. 

We may not be spending a lot of time thinking about each of these decisions but these everyday decisions contribute to your own unique understanding of what privacy is for you.

Privacy is the ability to control what other people know about you.

The scope of privacy might vary from person to person. What privacy means to you and your family might be different than what privacy means to your students.

To understand better what privacy means in the digital world, let’s watch this short video (1 minute 28 seconds) from the Philippine National Privacy Commission. Let’s discover what our data privacy rights are:

How did it go? 

We hope that after watching this video, you have a better appreciation of what privacy is as well as awareness of our data privacy rights. Look back on your responses from the last activity – did it confirm or change what information you think you should share or keep?

Remember, part of being a digital citizen is to know how to protect our personal information and data.

What is Privacy? – Habi Plus