Have you experienced this?

⏱ 5-10 minute activity

Here’s a list of different online experiences. Answer them with a yes or no.

  • Have you created a social media account?
  • Have you used social media to get updated with news and current events?
  • Have you shared personal stories and updates on your social media? 
  • Have you shared posts, images, videos, inks, or websites that you found interesting? 
  • Have you commented on a post of a stranger?
  • Have you read posts that made you smile? 
  • Have you read posts that you don’t agree with?
  • Have you seen someone post with hateful language or images?
  • Have you seen a post which turns out to be wrong or not based on factual information?
  • Have you seen posts or content that are wholesome and respectful?

Thank you for trying this activity out! How did it go? Have a think!:

  • Of the 10 items, how many did you answer with a “yes” or “no”? 
  • You will notice that some of these statements describe a positive experience such as “seeing posts that made you smile” while some statements describe a negative experience (seeing posts with hateful language or images.) 

As responsible digital citizens sharing the online space, we have a responsibility to keep the space safe. And one way to do this is by observing online etiquette. In the same way that we observe or follow norms or behaviors when interacting with people face to face, so too should we behave in a similar way online or on social media.

Here are some resources and references on online etiquette you can browse:

The next page will take us to a discussion on verification and fact checking.

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