The Power of Fact Checking

⏱ 15-20 minute module

Hi, Welcome to the third module of our course. In this module, you will learn about “The Power of Fact Checking” as a key tool to responsible digital learning.

In your social media accounts, do you have friends who are from a different province or country than yours? Or how about this, within the last week, have you consumed information or content from outside the Philippines?

Chances are, you answered YES to both of these questions. 

The internet has created a digital space where we can interact with more people and get access to more information. And just like in offline activities, we have a certain set of norms and etiquette that governs our online behavior to ensure that the online space is a safe environment for everyone.

In this module we aim to:

  • Reflect on individual behaviors related to online engagement; and
  • Understand the concept of information verification and fact checking.

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The Power of Fact Checking – Habi Plus