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Hi! Welcome to “Enriching Digital Learning”, the fourth course of the Facebook Digital Tayo CARE Program on Habi Plus.

This course is part of a series of courses we designed in collaboration with Facebook Digital Tayo to support teachers in educating future generations of learners with care, and ensuring that they experience creative, accessible, responsible and enriching learning experiences.

This course is for teachers who want to learn more about how to maintain digital connections through technology – starting with a review of communication processes and tech tools that would help us empathize and stay connected with education stakeholders, as well as maximizing assessment to support student learning.

Please read through the information after this video / for other reminders and things you need to know. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the course facilitators through their contact details below.

See you in our course, and happy learning!

Course Objectives:

Our goal in this course is to help teachers and educators apply learning experience design to maintain digital connections through technology.

💡 By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  1. Reconnect with our “Why”, why we continue to teach during the pandemic;
  2. Reflect on our communication strategies and practices with parents, co-teachers, and students; and 
  3. Explore assessment strategies such as portfolios, learning journals and project-based learning for different learning modalities

This course supports the development of teachers in the following domains and strands of the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST):

  • Domain 5: Assessment and Reporting
    • Strand 5.1: Design, selection, organization, and utilization of assessment strategies
    • Strand 5.3: Feedback to improve learning
  • Domain 6: Community Linkages and Professional Engagement
    • Strand 6.1: Establishment of learning environments that are responsive to community contexts
    • Strand 6.2: Engagement of parents and the wider school community in the educative process

⏱ This course will take approximately 2-2.5 hours to complete

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Gerson is a teacher and a designer. By merging both perspectives he found his passion: to design creative learning experiences for everyone—from preschoolers to professionals— improving how they learn and work together. 

He is the co-founder and Executive Director of Habi Education Lab, a design studio that applies human-centered design to learning solutions. Through Habi, he has facilitated design workshops to more than 8,000 educators, and has worked on projects for a wide range of partners.

Currently, he teaches courses on Educational Technology and Design at University of the Philippines and Miriam College.

Chess is a Learning Experience Designer (LXD) at Habi Education Lab. She started her work in the education sector through Teach for the Philippines. Chess then joined the Philippine government as a Teacher Training Officer at the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) K to 12 Transition Program Management Unit. She also served as an executive staff at the Office of the Chairperson at the same Commission, where she reviewed the board agendas of several state universities and colleges. 

Chess particularly enjoys bringing her public administration background into the education sector, highlighting connections between systems, policies, and processes.

Jovi is a learning experience designer and has been with Habi since 2018, training teachers and other professionals on education technology, design thinking and user experience design. An architect by training, he is pursuing his passion and advocacy for quality learning through Habi, focusing on adult learning and self-paced or asynchronous learning courses. He is the current producer of Habi Plus, Habi’s channel for self-paced online learning courses.

Lacey is a Learning Experience Designer and has been with Habi since 2017. Lacey has designed and facilitated learning experiences for a variety of learners. She has worked with the government, public, and private organizations to improve how they can learn, collaborate, and innovate by empowering their creative confidence through design. She is passionate about learning and advocates for accessible education, environment protection, social awareness, and people empowerment. She currently handles the Habi Shop, the official product arm of Habi in producing accessible and delightful learning tools.

If you have any questions about the course and content, feel free to email any of the course facilitators or send an email to Please add [Enriching Digital Learning] in the subject line so we know its from this course!

To learn more about Habi Education Lab, you may visit or visit our Facebook or Instagram page.

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