Stakeholder Mapping

⏱ 10-15 minute activity

To start off our module on “Connecting with our Stakeholders”, we will be doing an exercise called stakeholder mapping.  To to this, let’s focus on two aspects –  interest and influence.

InterestFor interest, think about how interested these stakeholders are in giving quality education and ensuring learning continuity. 
InfluenceFor influence, think about how much power they have when it comes to making decisions that are related to quality education and ensuring a learning community. 

Using this worksheet, let’s do a stakeholder mapping exercise. 

  • Step 1: List down the different stakeholder groups you have in your learning community.
  • Step 2: Once you have a list, try to determine their level of interest and level of influence toward quality education and ensuring learning continuity. Plot them out in our interest x influence grid.
  • Step 3: Make a plan of action on how we can engage the different stakeholder groups.

Stakeholder Mapping – Habi Plus