⏱ 10-15 minute read and activity

Communication is context-based. How we communicate with each other is affected by the environment and realities we are in.

As we continue our course on maintaining connections through digital technology, let us also revisit the space or the environment where communication takes place.

The space pertains to the physical as well as the virtual space. Consider the space of the message source/sender (that’s you) as well as the space of the receiver (your education stakeholders such as parents and/or your co-teachers). 

Here are some tips on designing the space to support effective communication with your stakeholders:

Tip #1 – Consider diverse physical and virtual environments

What do your stakeholder’s physical environments look like? Does their environment have a lot of noise which can affect the transmission of the message?

What devices or communication tools do they have access to? Are they communicating with you through a mobile phone? Through a computer? Through an instant messaging application? Through social media?  Choose a platform that is most responsive and suitable to you and your stakeholder’s needs.

Check for new features embedded in online tools that can help improve the communication of messages 

  • Sharing of voice clips (ex. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber), 
  • Sharing of screen (Facebook Messenger, Google Meet, Zoom)
  • Integrating polls and surveys (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber)
  • Chat feature on online calls (Google Meet, Zoom)

We’ve learned in the Responsible Digital Learning course how important it is to safeguard our privacy online. Some features of online tools focus on ensuring the safety and privacy of the user. Consider these when selecting a platform or medium for communication.

Let’s try to understand the context of your stakeholders. What are their physical and digital spaces like?

Use this worksheet to guide your reflection. Here’s an example of understanding the environment and context of your stakeholder.

Space – Habi Plus