⏱ 10-15 minute read and activity

Other than the SPACE and PEOPLE, we can also design and PROCESS fir the routines, systems and mechanisms for communicating with the education stakeholders in your community. 

For communication to be effective, it is important that the process is clear, inclusive, and human. Here are some tips that we can explore in designing communication processes.

We can refine the important processes such as communication, collaboration and feedback giving to our education stakeholders. How do I communicate with parents and my co-teachers? How do we encourage collaboration between parents and teachers?  How do we facilitate giving and receiving of feedback?

Identify opportunities to support. Engaging parents and co-teachers would be a lot easier if you can identify how they can help ensure learning continuity.

Set parameters for interaction and collaboration. Similar with setting norms, having parameters for interaction can help set healthy boundaries for you and your stakeholders. How often will you be communicating and engaging with the stakeholders? What areas of education can you calibrate with?

Let’s try to understand your existing processes as well as your emerging processes for connecting with your stakeholders. 

Use this worksheet to guide your reflection. Here’s an example of understanding the changing processes in communicating with your education stakeholders.

Process – Habi Plus