⏱ 10-15 minute read and activity

Other than the SPACE, we can also design and processes for the people engaged in the communication process. For communication to be effective, it is important that the source/sender is able to encode or craft the message clearly while the receiver is able to decode or understand the message clearly.

Here are some tips that we can explore in designing communication processes.

We can refine the roles and relationships of learners, teachers, and parents in the teaching and learning process especially as we adjust to the many changes brought about by the pandemic.

Having norms and roles can provide clarity for all stakeholders involved. This would be ideal as you work and collaborate with more stakeholders in ensuring learning continuity.

Our stakeholders will differ in terms of their ability to engage and support learning continuity. It would be wise to provide options and alternatives for engagement.

Let’s try to understand the roles and relationships of the stakeholders within your community.

Use this worksheet to guide your reflection. Here’s an example of understanding the changing roles and relationships of education stakeholders.

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