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Now let’s try to look at specific engagement strategies that we can use either synchronously or asynchronously. We will look at e-portfolios, journals, and project-based learning. 

After each strategy, we will practice how we can give feedback to our students. We provided links to some examples of e-portfolios, learning logs/journals and project based learning outputs so you have an idea of different kinds of output.

Portfolios are a collection of a student’s work throughout a specific learning period. 

Here’s an example from Kiano, who wanted to explore student wellbeing during the pandemic:

Learning logs and journals can either be electronic or paper-based logs documenting what students have learned or experience after class. 

Here’s an example from Kathe, documenting how she became metacognitive with how she upskilled herself:

Project-based Learning or PBL is a teaching method where students learn by working on projects that allow them to engage with real-world problems and issues. 

Here’s an example of a PBL project conducted by high school students applying design thinking:

E-Portfolios – Habi Plus