Assessing our Communication Practices

10 to 15 minute activity

For this activity, let’s look at our communication process depending on the stakeholder – how is your communication with (1) learners, (2) co-teachers, and (3) parents/guardians of learners? 

Our goal is to identify what’s already working in our communication processes as well as acknowledge the challenges and difficulties so that we can adapt and design better processes of communication. 

Once you’ve chosen a stakeholder, list down the roses (what’s working), thorns (challenges and difficulties) and buds (possibilities, opportunities for improvement) of your school’s current communication processes. This exercise is called roses-thorns-buds. 

Here’s an example:

How did the activity go? Through this exercise, we hope you are able to have greater awareness of your own communication practices.

Assessing our Communication Practices – Habi Plus