Connecting with my Teacher Self

30 to 45 minute module

Hi, Welcome to the first module of our course on Enriching Digital Learning.

In this module, we will explore the opportunity to create ENRICHING learning experiences with the aid of information, communication technology and purposeful assessment of learners.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, one of the first measures taken by most governments, including the Philippines, was to hold community quarantines and lockdowns. (source

This led to a huge shift in our teaching and learning practices. Most, if not all classes, were moved to the online learning space.

While we don’t have the same depth of interactions with our students online, we can still maintain the essence, to ensure our interactions and gatherings are purposeful

In this module, we will see the various strategies of how to keep positive relationships and communities, with our students and fellow teachers. But before we focus our energies on connecting with others, we’ll start our journey by reconnecting with our teacher selves.

In this module we aim to:

  • Revisit our “why”, why we teach and continue to teach in the new normal; and
  • Connect with fellow teachers through a community writing activity

We hope this module gives us ideas on how we can stay connected with our education stakeholders with the help of digital technology. Click on “Teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic” to begin.

Connecting with my Teacher Self – Habi Plus