Making Revisions

At this point, you would have already gotten feedback on your Resource Remix prototypes. Congratulations! You’re almost done with this project. Now it’s time to make revisions.

As we said in the last module, you don’t have to accept every single bit of feedback you receive. So how do you decide which feedback to implement? Here are two questions you can ask yourself:

  • Which feedback will bring my work closer to the goal of the project? Remember that the goal of Resource Remix is to take an inaccessible resource and transform it into something that is more flexible and accessible.
  • Which feedback will help my work meet the indicators set by the project rubric? You can review the rubric below and use it to guide your thinking (ex: Will this feedback help my project be more aligned with the learning outcomes? Yes or no?)
Aligned with the learning outcomesThe new resources should still cover the same content and learning goals from the original learning resource
Fit for the learners’ contextThe new resources should use appropriate technologies, modalities and formats for the target learners
Accessible and flexibleThe new resources should promote inclusion and address learner diversity by decreasing barriers to access
Demonstrate good multimedia learning and EdTech fundamentalsThe new resources practice concepts such as Cognitive Multimedia Learning, SAMR, and User Experience Design
Documented processThe writeups of the new resources should illustrate the research and decisions made in building the resources

Go back to your Resource Remix worksheets and look for the Making Revisions section. Make a note of all the changes you’ll be making to your resource remix based on the feedback you received and then…make your revisions!

Put your finished remixes on the next page and share a story about your process. What accessibility issues did you want to address? How did you decide to make this particular resource?

Making Revisions – Habi Plus