Introduction to LX Design

When was the last time you struggled through a learning resource? Maybe it was an article that used too many big words, a learning video that you couldn’t finish due to lack of data, or a diagram that wasn’t well-illustrated. We encounter these kinds of resources every day and often we just have to force ourselves to get through them.

What if we could redesign those resources and turn them into something that we can easily understand and engage in? What if every teacher kept inclusivity and accessibility in mind when creating resources for their learners?

Learning Experience Design or LX Design is a framework for creating human-centered, goal-oriented learning experiences. This is one of the lenses we’ll use in this project to turn difficult resources into rich learning experiences for our learners. Watch this video below to get an overview of LX Design. If you prefer to read an article instead of watching the video, click here.

If you’re interested in learning more about LX Design, here are some optional resources that we recommend:

Introduction to LX Design – Habi Plus