Choosing a Resource to Remix

At this point, we’re more familiar with LX Design. We were also introduced to the idea of intentionally designing a learning experience to offer different paths for different learners. Now it’s time to select a resource to remix. Here are some guide questions that can help you choose:

  • Think back on your past classes – is there a resource that was very useful but difficult to get through like a reading or book, or video? What were the things that made it difficult for you to learn from that resource? What would have made it easier to get through?
  • What were important resources that would have been more helpful if they were presented in a different way?

This workbook is where you’ll be documenting your process throughout the entire course.

Put a link to your chosen resource on this slide and use the guide questions on the side to make notes – what made this resource difficult to learn from?

Congratulations! You’ve just finished Module 1 of this course. Keep your workbook in a safe place for now; you’ll submit your work at the end of the course.

Choosing a Resource to Remix – Habi Plus