Resource Remix

How might we make learning more inclusive and accessible?

Hello Teacher! Welcome to Resource Remix, an online course in the Digital Tayo Teachers series.

When we transitioned from face-to-face learning to remote learning, we noticed that not all of us go through a learning experience in the same way. Some people encounter barriers such as different devices, poor internet connectivity — even physical, mental, and emotional differences. These are all obstacles that greatly affect our ability to learn.

As teachers, we can design ways to address these barriers and ensure that all our learners are able to thrive. We developed this course to enhance teachers’ skills in integrating media and technology in various content areas.

At the end of this course, we will have created a portfolio that consists of two or more “remixed” versions of a learning resource that addresses different barriers to learning – in short, a Resource Remix. You’ll find some samples below from people who have done this project before:

One student chose to remix an article that could only be accessed by people who had paid accounts to a site. They made an interactive slide deck and a recording with an infographic.

Another student chose to remix an article on Maladaptive Perfectionism by turning it into an infographic that could easily be posted and shared on social media. They also made a slide deck for those who had more time to read.

If you’d like to explore the other course, Playlist Gifts, click here. Otherwise, start your learning journey for Resource Remix by clicking on our first module below, “Choosing a Resource.”