Creating an Initial Inventory of Resources

At this point, we know who will be receiving our Playlist Gift. We’ve empathized with them and learned more about their Strengths, Hopes, Obstacles, Everyday Activities, and Spaces. We’ve also reviewed the different learning theories and identified our principles for good learning resources. Now it’s time to create an initial inventory of resources.

On your Playlist Gifts workbook, look for the page that says “Learning Resource Inventory.” The next slide is where you’ll be compiling your initial list of resources.

Use the space provided to compile links, notes, and other things you might need to create your Playlist. This space is yours – duplicate the slide if you need more space!

Here are some things you can keep in mind while doing this activity:

  • This is an initial inventory. This list of resources isn’t your final playlist yet.
  • Think about your process – how do you look for information? How are you putting the inventory together? What principles do you have when selecting resources to include in your inventory?
  • Treat your Playlist Gifts workbook as your own personal workspace. Feel free to add more slides and add elements that will help you accomplish the project.

Once you’ve finished your initial inventory, you’ve finished Module 2 of this course. Congratulations! The next module will be available after our second workshop.

Creating an Initial Inventory of Resources – Habi Plus