Module Summary

Congratulations! You’ve just finished the first module. Here are some ideas that we hope you end this module with.

  • There’s a wealth of information available to us, thanks to the internet! Our challenge as teachers is to be able to thoughtfully select the best resources that will help our learners achieve their learning goals.
  • Learning Experience Design combines the field of education and the field of design to create human-centered, goal-oriented learning experiences. As teachers, we can also think of ourselves as Learning Experience Designers.
  • Everything that has a learning goal can be a learning experience that we design – that includes our Playlist Gift!
  • Empathy helps us understand how our learners experience the world and how best to communicate and relate to them. This makes it a key principle in LX Design.
  • It’s common for us to start thinking about what our learners don’t know and what might keep them from learning. But when we think about their strengths and hopes as well, we can design experiences that they can thrive in.
  • When there are things that we don’t know about our learners, there is an opportunity to ask questions, get to know them better, and practice more empathy.

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Module Summary – Habi Plus