Learning about Starting Context

How do you put together a list of resources for your students? Typically we use the learning goals and the topics to guide our search. We look in our personal library for resources that we found useful before going online to broaden our search. Then we put the list together, usually in alphabetical order or in the order that our learners will encounter the topic.

This isn’t wrong at all! But this linear process tends to assume that our learners engage in the learning experience in exactly the same way and that they find all the resources we collect for them equally helpful.

As we learned in the previous activity, LX Design as a framework invites us to put our learners at the center of our design process. This means starting with empathy – putting ourselves in our learners’ shoes to understand how we might design experiences that will help them thrive.

Watch this video to learn more about the Starting Context phase of LX Design and how we might step into our learners’ S-H-O-E-S. If you’d rather read an article, click here.

Supplementary Resources:

If you’d like to learn more about the importance of empathy in designing learning experiences, here are some optional resources that we recommend.

Learning about Starting Context – Habi Plus