Empathizing with Our Learners

It’s time to think about who we want to give our playlist to and the topic of our playlist. Here are some prompts to kickstart your thinking:

  • Who do you want to give the gift of learning to? What do you want them to learn?
  • Is there a topic that you feel passionate about? Who needs to know more about it and how can you help them learn?

Once you’re settled on a topic and learner, it’s time to dig deeper into their Starting Context.

This workbook is where you’ll be documenting your progress throughout the course.

Answer the Starting Context worksheet by reflecting on the prompts provided in the slide and identifying your learners’ S-H-O-E-S.

Congratulations! You’ve just finished the first task of Playlist Gifts. Click “Next Page” to move forward.

Empathizing with Our Learners – Habi Plus