Playlist Gifts

How might we curate substantial and well-designed resources?

Hello Teacher! Welcome to Playlist Gifts, an online course in the Digital Tayo Teachers series. Curating resources for our learners is one of the most important tasks that we do as teachers. While the internet has given us access to a lot of potential learning material, how do we know which ones are useful? Engaging? Most helpful for our learners? We developed this course to enhance teachers’ skills and knowledge in choosing media and technology resources in various content areas.

At the end of this course, we will have identified a learner and created a site that contains at least 7 resources that are meaningfully arranged into a rich learning experience – in short, a Playlist Gift. You can use platforms like Google Sites, Wix, or Padlet. You’ll find some samples below from people who have done this project before:

If you’d like to explore the other course, Resource Remix click here. Otherwise, start your learning journey for Playlist by clicking on our first module Identifying Your Learners.