Habi’s Design Principles in Action

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Hello, and welcome to Habi’s Design Principles in Action! I’m JPaul, a Learning Experience Designer (LXD) just like you, and I’m excited to journey with you in this new course.

Every LXD in Habi comes with unique experiences, fields of expertise, skill sets, and values that contribute to their design sensibilities. Our team’s diversity is one of the things that makes us special as a learning experience (LX) design studio. However, despite our diversity, there is one thing that grounds all of us and brings us together in our design practice, and that is our Design Principles, ‘DPs’ for short.

In this course we will learn about:

  • the importance of having Design Principles;
  • ways to look for Habi’s Design Principles in our outputs; and
  • other available resources to help us understand Habi’s Design Principles

Don’t worry! A Habi LXD wouldn’t make just another boring online course, right? As your prepare to take this course, you can expect that it will be:

  • Quick and light. Do it all in one go or during breaks from your tasks, and it will feel like you’re just having a breather with a colleague.
  • Reflective. You will be asked to do some journaling, so go ahead and grab a pen and paper or set up a digital tool you can use as you take the course.
  • Insightful. You will be asked to share some of your thoughts, and you will also get a chance to read what fellow LXDs are thinking through collaborative boards.

Okay, let’s not keep you here any longer! Ready to learn about Habi’s DPs? Go on and access the course below. Enjoy!