The MISMO Framework – Understanding the Learners

30-45 minute module

Hi! Welcome to the 3rd module of our course. In this module, we’ll dive deeper into the MISMO framework and how it can help us design learning experiences.

First, we’ll explore the Mindsets, Intended Outcomes, and Starting Context which forms the base of the learning experience. Having a deeper understanding of our learners will give us a solid foundation for designing meaningful and impactful learning experiences.

By the end of this module we aim to:

  • Define our mindset when we design learning experiences through design principles
  • Describe the learners’ starting context using the SHOES framework
  • Compose appropriate and well-written learning outcomes

To help you directly apply what you learn in the course to your context, you can use the worksheet we linked below (available in Google Slides and PPTX formats). This worksheet will be used in designing a prototype learning experience, which we will tackle in parts over the next two modules of the course.

Your completed worksheet will be submitted through the exit survey at the end of the course. Relabel the file with your name now so you won’t forget to as you submit!

Click on “Mindset” to move to the next part of the module.

The MISMO Framework – Understanding the Learners – Habi Plus