Exercise: Creating Modular Steps

5-10 minute exercise

Let’s practice creating Modular Steps!

Go to the MISMO worksheet you downloaded. There are two versions of the Modular Steps sheets – one using blocks and another formatted like a table. Use whichever sheet works best for you, but the idea is for you to create modular steps for the learning experience you want to design for your target learners.

Feel free to create as many different sequences and configurations of learning experiences as you want by duplicating your preferred sheet. If you can, try to identify specific details like tech tools or materials to be used, or how long each activity will be, so you can better evaluate each step in terms of preparation or if your chosen activities align and flow well.

The beauty of designing in modular steps is you can easily rearrange and switch out different learning types depending on your intentions and learning outcomes. Try creating different iterations to suit different contexts!

Exercise: Creating Modular Steps – Habi Plus