The MISMO Framework – Designing for the Learners

30-45 minute module

Hi! Welcome to the 4th and last module of our course. In this module, we’ll be focusing on the last 2 parts of the MISMO framework, Modular Steps and Options and Alternatives.

Designing in modular steps allows us to create more flexible learning experiences, and allows us to configure and reconfigure what we design in response to changing contexts. We’ll introduce you Prof. Diana Laurillard’s 6 Learning Types to help you break down learning experiences into modular steps.

Then we’ll think more deeply about extreme scenarios and possible barriers that your learners might experience that would prevent them from learning, and explore options and alternatives to the learning experience that would make the learning experiences we design become more accessible in whatever situation

By the end of this module we aim to:

  • Apply the 6 Learning Types in creating modular steps
  • Derive appropriate options and alternatives based on the learners starting context

We hope this module gives you a new approach to creating effective and meaningful learning experiences. Happy learning!

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The MISMO Framework – Designing for the Learners – Habi Plus