The Basics of Learning Experience Design

20-25 minute module

Hi! Welcome to the 2nd module of our course.

In this module, you’ll learn about the principles of learning experience design.

Learning Experience Design is the practice of using different tools and mindsets to design cohesive and compelling learning experiences. In Habi, we believe that teachers and educators are designers, and thinking of teaching in terms of designing learning experiences just expands the ways in which we can improve how people learn.

We want to equip teachers and educators with design tools and mindsets so they can think of themselves as learning experience designers. In this module we aim to:

  • Define Learning Experience Design
  • Understand Learning Experience Design through different learning experiences
  • Practice LX Design by evaluating prior experiences through the MISMO framework

We hope this module gives you a different perspective on teaching and learning, and also show you that teachers are also designers in their own way. Happy learning!

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The Basics of Learning Experience Design – Habi Plus