Have a Think!

⏱ 10-15 minute Padlet activity

After reviewing what we know about different learning modalities and being introduced to the HyFlex model of learning, let’s put these together with insights from our previous teaching and learning experiences.

On the Padlet board below, share your reflections on what you just learned from this module. You can also post questions and thoughts and start a discussion!

👉 You may use these prompts to start reflecting:

  • Looking back on your past experiences with online learning and what you learned from the lessons or from your own research, what personal best practices will you bring to your teaching moving forward?
  • What practices did you discover that you are keen on trying?
  • What do you think about hybrid and flexible learning? What do you want future learning experiences to look like?

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And that concludes the first module of the course! See you in our next module, which will be about Learning Experience Design.

Have a Think! – Habi Plus