Teaching and Learning in Changing Contexts

⏱ 45-50 minute module

Hi! Welcome to the first module of our course, where we’ll learn about some key principles for teaching and learning  in changing contexts.

During the pandemic we had to suddenly shift to online learning in order for learning to continue, and it’s still an ongoing adjustment for most students, teachers, and schools across the country. For countries like the Philippines, where a wide gap already exists in terms of access to technology, and still being unable to fully reopen schools because of the pandemic,  catching up in terms of education is a top priority. By better understanding how different contexts and conditions influence teaching and learning, we can better design ways to quickly respond to learning needs.

In this module we aim to:

  • Familiarize ourselves with different learning delivery modalities and how to convert or transition learning experiences through the different contexts.
  • Understand key principles behind hybrid and flexible (HyFlex) learning as a shared set of principles for learning in changing contexts
  • Reflect on the learning experience and implications on future practice and context

We hope this module helps unlock some new insights so you can improve your teaching practice and sharpen your skills. Happy learning!

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Teaching and Learning in Changing Contexts – Habi Plus