What is UDL?

40-45 minute podcast, video, and Padlet activity

Using another form of digital learning, you will now listen to a podcast discussing about Universal Design for Learning.

In this podcast by Pumapodcast, they invited the executive director of Habi Education Lab, Gerson Abesamis, to talk about designing learning experiences that serve all students and allowing them to thrive.

Aside from the podcast, feel free to watch this video clip from a workshop conducted by Habi Education Lab, as Gerson makes UDL more digestible for the participants listening.

“Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for making instructional goals, assessments, methods, and materials accessible and optimized for all.”

UDL Guidelines:

  • Provide various opportunities for engagement
  • Represent content in different ways
  • Provide options for action and expression

From the podcast and video that you have listened to and watched, write or paste your notes or share your learnings or reflection about it in our Padlet board.

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