UDL Case Stories

⏱ 20-25 minute activity

For this part of the module, let’s listen to some UDL stories and see how they use the UDL framework. Remember to take down notes as you watch the videos.

Seeing UDL in the Classroom

Watch this video and take note of the cases of the students and how the teacher makes learning more accessible for them.

Case Studies in UDL

💭 Have a think!

  • Think of the time that you were teaching and remember the ways you made to accommodate the needs of the learners.
  • Were you able to engage them in learning?
  • Were you able to make learning accessible for them?
  • How did you make it accessible and engaging for them?

💡 Other Resources:

Flipped Learning and UDL by Kyle Niemis, September 3, 2018

UDL Case Stories – Habi Plus