Designing LX Using UDL

⏱ 15-20 minute activity

Using what we know now about UDL, in this part of the module we will design an LX or a Learning Experience Plan using the UDL framework.

UDL Framework

“The UDL framework is translational —a means for translating research and innovation into practice—providing guiding principles. From the principles, guidelines are derived for creating and choosing tools, methods, and practices, whose specifics depend upon context: learners’ developmental levels, varied schools and communities, and the proclivities of teachers who are doing the teaching, among many other variables. UDL can help reshape teaching and learning by guiding the design of an entirely new system with flexibility at its core.”

– Source:

💡 UDL on Campus: About UDL
Read through this article about UDL in higher education. It’s another example of how to use the UDL framework.

This can also serve as your guide when you are doing your Learning Experience Plan

For this part, you will do a simplified version of a Learning Experience Plan. You will focus on using the learnings that you have about UDL on a sample learning experience.

📝 Answering the following questions:

  • Who are your learners? What do we know about them?
    → In here you can also refer to the Learner’s Journey Map that you did in Module 2
  • What’s our aim/purpose/goal for this learning experience?
    → Here you can think about your learning outcomes or learning objectives for a certain skill or topic
  • What are the potential barriers? What might get in the way?
    → Think about the challenges that the learners might encounter
  • Universal Support: what might help?
  • Use UDL Guidelines: how do we remove barriers and increase options
  • Give it a go, try it out and get feedback.

Universal Design for Learning

We will be using the same Google Slide Workspace that you have been using since the start of this course. Simply go to the slide under Module 3.

If you haven’t downloaded or made a copy of our workspace yet from our last module, just click on the links below:

💡 Other Resources

UDL Guidelines – Educator Worksheet
Guidelines on removing barriers and increasing options – use of UDL framework and guidelines

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