Updating the Journey Map

10-15 minute activity

Now that we indicated our suggestions for addressing the challenges, let’s update and refine the Learner’s Journey Map. Use the next worksheet labelled “Improved Learner’s Journey” focusing on the new Phases/Steps, Goals, and Tools.

Once you are done, download your journey map/s as images and paste it on our Padlet Board:

Made with Padlet

Check out the journey maps of your co-learners in this module and feel free to comment, like, or give feedback or ask questions using the comment box.

There are ways to maximize the positive effects of technology, to decrease barriers, and increase access by knowing our learners, and working to what best suits them.

From low-tech to high-tech, we can make digital learning more accessible by considering the learner’s environment, challenges, emotions, even language, and cultural beliefs.

Let’s know more about how to design more accessible digital learning for our learners in the next module.

Updating the Journey Map – Habi Plus