Learners’ Stories

⏱ 15-20 minute activity

Creating better learning experiences for our students starts by having a deeper understanding of their context. Let’s start off this module by going through these student projects on understanding the learners’ context during distance learning.

The Kahimtang Series: Filipino Students amidst Online Distance Learning by Kiano Reyes

“This project is a collection of kahimtang stories, a Cebuano word that signifies “state of condition”. Through the narratives of various students everywhere in the Philippines, we will become more acquainted with their wellbeing amidst the online distance learning brought by the pandemic.”

Motivations of a Student by Nikki Mendoza

This Prezi presentation by Nikki focuses on the motivations of students. As you read through the presentation, take note of the wins and the challenges of learners that she has shared.

💭 Have a think!

Reflect on the stories you’ve read and also your own experiences – What are the stories of your learners in relation to digital learning? What were the challenges they faced? What were their hopes and motivations? What situation were they in?

Learners’ Stories – Habi Plus