The Learner’s Environment

55 to 70 minute module

You are now on Module 2. Welcome! In this module, we will look into The Learner’s Environment.

In Module 1 we learned about digital technology and digital learning and how it can be made accessible to our learners. Now we will dive further in knowing our learners.

We know that students, teachers, and schools are diverse. They have different contexts, they came from different backgrounds, and may be in different environments.

When we say we want our learners to have accessible digital learning, we must know their context so we can design appropriate learning experiences for them. As teachers, we look for ways to get to know our learners to maximize their learnings. How much do you know about your learners? What is their current context? What are their challenges in terms of digital learning?

In this module we will reflect on the Learners’ Environment. We aim to:

  • Know about their wins and challenges in digital learning
  • Create learners’ journey map involving digital technology touchpoints, and
  • Reflect on the challenges of the learners’ environment

We hope this module helps you in gaining more insights in knowing your learners’ environment. Click on “Learners’ Stories” to start.

The Learner’s Environment – Habi Plus