Designing Options and Alternatives

⏱ 15-20 minute activity

Thinking of how you will create your learning experiences using technology as well as the extreme situations or barriers that may exist for your learners, also think of your options and alternatives. This will be a good exercise to increase the accessibility of the learning experiences we want to create.

Try to reflect and answer these questions when you create your options and alternatives:

  • On Access: Will there be learners who might have challenges to accessing the learning experience?
  • On Special Needs: Does the learning experience present barriers for diverse or differently-abled learners?
  • On Choices: Is it possible to provide space for learners to choose and customize learning?

Then we move on writing our options and alternatives.

Think of extreme cases. All the possible things that could happen considering differences in context, access, ability, special needs. Write them down on our worksheet.

After writing the extreme cases, think of what you would do. What are the options and alternatives that you can do for these cases? How do we address these cases and incorporate solutions in the learning experience?

If you haven’t downloaded or made a copy of our workspace yet from our last module, just click on the links below:

💡 Other Resources

💭 Have a think!

As we near the end of the course may we apply all that we have learned in redesigning, remixing and being flexible in accommodating all learners. Making digital learning more accessible to all. Kung baga, walang naiiwan, kasya lahat.

Download the Options and Alternatives worksheet as an image and share it on our Padlet board. Allow others to read your work. Go and read others’ work too, don’t forget to give a like or add your comments, questions or feedback for them.

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And that concludes the last module of the course! CONGRATULATIONS! The next page will lead you to our exit survey which you need to answer before getting the certificate of completion.

Designing Options and Alternatives – Habi Plus