What is Digital Technology for me?

10-15 minute Padlet activity

Learning about how digital technology is used in digital learning, on the Padlet board share your reflections on what you just learned. 

You may use these prompts to help focus on your reflection:

  • How is digital technology and digital learning  being used in education in your own context?
  • How does it impact learning and education in your own context?

Feel free to read the responses of your co-learners and like or give comments to their responses.

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We learned that digital technology has both the power to increase divide, but also to equalize. We, as teachers, can help in bringing more access to digital technology and learning to our students.

We will continue learning about the context of our students in the next module.

Other Resources

Feel free to read this article and watch this video:

  • Information and Communication Technology In Education, UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning.
    – Highlight or take note of the phrases or sentences that resonated with yo regarding Digital Technology
  • Digital Learning Environments (5 minute video)
    – This is a video summary of Veletsianos, G. (2016). Digital Learning Environments. In Rushby, N. & Surry D. (Eds) Handbook of Learning Technologies (pp. 242-260). Wiley. Download the paper from this link.

What is Digital Technology for me? – Habi Plus