Reflections on Digital Learning

⏱ 20-30 minute activity

Advancements in technology have made digital learning more accessible. In this 2 minute video from Deloitte US, we’ll see some facts on how the demand in digital learning is increasing and how vital the role of the teacher is.

Digital learning uses digital technologies and as much as digital learning aims to make learning more accessible to more people, we must acknowledge the fact that not all of our learners have access to technology.  

How might we make digital learning more accessible for all?

Let’s listen to this podcast episode from “Right Click” made by UNICEF and SEAMEO INNOTECH. Although the episode is made for ALS implementers, the strategies discussed in this episode can be applicable to all teachers. You can take down notes while listening to this podcast.

“Digital technology and the Internet provide a host of opportunities for learning, creativity, and innovation. In this episode, we’ll talk about how these opportunities can make life easier, more meaningful, and more productive for teachers and their students.”

List down some important learnings that you have heard from the podcast that you’ve just listened to. Use our Padlet Board:

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Reflections on Digital Learning – Habi Plus