Digital Technology & Digital Learning

45 to 60 minute module

Hi! Welcome to the first module of Accessible Digital Learning. In this module, you’ll learn about Digital Technology & Digital Learning. Long before we were doing online classes, digital technology has always been one of the important parts of education.

This includes any technology-assisted communication, application, or device such as telecommunication, broadcast media, Internet. The devices used to access information, like the telephone, cellular phones, computers and laptops, internet sites, videos, podcasts, video conferencing and online learning – all of these digital technologies can help deliver impactful learning.

Technology plays an important part in teaching and learning. However, we can’t deny the fact that there are still some difficulties and challenges in using or accessing digital tools. As teachers, we need to equip ourselves with proper knowledge about digital technology so we can also teach it to our students.

In this module we aim to:

  • Know digital technology and digital learning
  • Reflect and share about our experiences in digital technology and learning
  • Discover how digital technology impact learning and education

Throughout this module and for the rest of the course we will be using one workspace in the form of Google slides. This will serve as your activity space and worksheets throughout the whole course.

We hope this module helps unlock some new insights on digital technology and learning. Click on “What is Digital Technology and Digital Learning?” to begin.

Digital Technology & Digital Learning – Habi Plus