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We all know that people are different, which is what makes leadership both an unpredictable but also energizing role. Join us in this course as we introduce various personality frameworks to see how we can use them as shared languages to understand ourselves, relate with peers, and empower teams. By the end of this learning experience, we hope that you gain a deeper appreciation of your own uni...

Habi's Design Principles in Action

Every LXD in Habi comes with unique experiences, fields of expertise, skill sets, and values that contribute to their design sensibilities. Our team's diversity is one of the things that makes us special as a learning experience (LX) design studio. However, despite our diversity, there is one thing that grounds all of us and brings us together in our design practice, and that is our Design Prin...

Discover Your Sensibilities

When practicing human-centered design, we tend to utilize our cognitive powers quite often. We solve problems, uncover insights, and produce ways forward. We are "design thinkers". But we tend to forget the other side of design, one that channels emotions, intuition, and values. Oftentimes, these underlying forces actually guide our design process, no matter how systematic or rational we think ...

Stay Curious Longer

Being a design leader doesn't mean having the right answers, or saving your team from making mistakes. Good leadership should empower others to learn. And that means taking on a different persona, the coach. Someone who can step back, observe, and stay curious a bit longer, before stepping in to give advice or feedback. In this course, we'll understand how being more coach-like can help not jus...

Asan ang Resibo? Post-workshop Module

Hello! Welcome to the post-workshop module for “Asan ang Resibo?: A Voter’s Education Workshop on Transparency and Accountability” from Habi Live. In this module, you’ll be able to access and review some of the materials, activities and Padlet boards used during the workshop.

Accessible Digital Learning

In Accessible Digital Learning, the second course under the CARE program of Facebook Digital Tayo, we'll learn more about how to make digital learning more accessible. We'll learn how technology can positively influence learning and development to lead to more impactful learning experiences and efficient work for both our learners and ourselves.

Enriching Digital Learning

In Enriching Digital Learning, the fourth course under the CARE program of Facebook Digital Tayo, we'll learn more about how to maintain digital connections through technology - starting with a review of communication processes and tech tools that would help us empathize and stay connected with education stakeholders, as well as maximizing assessment to support student learning.

Framing Sticky Problems

Framing Sticky Problems is an online course in the Learning For Change series. We developed this course to support dreamers and closet changemakers in using Design Thinking and Systems Thinking tools to dig deeper into complex and multifaceted issues. At the end of this course, learners will have created a Design Challenge Statement that reframes their sticky problem into an opportunity that th...

Responsible Design for Meaningful Experiences

Responsible Design for Meaningful Experiences is a 5-module course that contextualizes concepts of diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and sustainability within the design and creative process. The goal is for learners to place a high value for these issues, and to think of action steps to incorporate responsible design in their respective creative practices.

Responsible Digital Learning

In Responsible Digital Learning under the CARE program of Facebook Digital Tayo, we'll introduce you to Digital Citizenship, an important concept in this digitally-empowered era. We’ll discuss some foundational skills and ideas when it comes to being a digital citizen, how to have a healthy relationship with digital technologies, and how to use it to create positive change.

Creative Digital Learning

In Creative Digital Learning, the first course under the CARE program of Facebook Digital Tayo, we'll introduce you to some principles and key considerations in online learning. We'll also introduce you to Learning Experience Design and our framework we call MISMO (Mindsets, Intended Outcomes, Starting Context, Modular Steps, Options and Alternatives) to give you a new approach to designing lea...